Bringing it back.

At least, I had a good sleep. Of three hundred minutes. At the cost of my effort grade. A good deal, I guess?


Top 5 Serial Killer Documentaries

When it comes to passing time with some thrill and horror, or quenching the thirst of one’s insatiable curiosity, serial killer documentaries never fail to do the job. With their scary narration, wonderful music effects and cliff-hanging story plots, they just send the chill down your spine that you experience from the horror that they... Continue Reading →

किचेनको त्यो काले दाई

कक्षा पांच पढ्न बुढानिलकण्ठ स्कूलमा नाम निकालेर गएँ | दस वर्षको थिएँ, तर पनि घर छोडेर एक स्वतन्त्र जीवन बाच्ने ठुलो रहर थियो | त्यसमाथि बुढानिलकण्ठ स्कूलमा छुट्टै कुरो थियो |

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